Police Officer Saves Choking Child With LifeVac

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28 March 2023

Police Officer Saves Choking Child With LifeVac

Ontario OH Officer hailed hero after saving choking 2-year-old

ONTARIO, Ohio (WJW) – In 2020, Ontario Police Chief Tommy Hill said he invested in a rescue tool for when someone is choking called a LifeVac.

Not every force has them, but thankfully his does.

“It’s something we felt could be a use and potentially save a life,” said Chief Hill.

Turns out, that was the right call.

Last Friday, Ontario Police Officer Rod Roos responded to a call that a child was choking. Within minutes of his arrival, Officer Roos dislodged a toy the two-year-old child accidentally swallowed.

He needed every second of the time he had because this plastic toy was completely blocking the child’s airway.

This was LifeVac’s 1061st life saved in a choking emergency!


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