[EXCLUSIVE] Security Footage of LifeVac in Action

LifeVac saves 1 year old Killian’s life from choking to death!
11 June 2019
LifeVac saves 32nd life, 5 year old boy Quade choked on a lemon head.
1 August 2019
23/08/2018, IKEA store in Athens. At around 16:00 local, a choking incident took place in the Cafe area of the store.
A 3 year old girl with Down Syndrome was eating a hotdogwith his mother and father. The little girl began to choke, BLS protocol was carried out which failed. The little girl could not breath, speak or cough, the security team acted swiftly retrieving LifeVac from the wall mounted box. On the first application LifeVac dislodged pieces of sausage and bread saving the 3 year old girl life.
Check below the shoking security footage of how the tragedy was averted. (pay attention to the upper left corner)

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