Child saved with LifeVac by Alabama Asst Fire/EMT – #152

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15 July 2021
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20 July 2021

Child saved with LifeVac by Alabama Asst Fire/EMT – #152

LifeVac is overjoyed to share news of its 152nd life saved.

A 3-year-old little girl choked on a hard candy causing a full obstruction. The Heimlich was performed by her parent but failed. 911 was called and was reported the child was not breathing. The Asst Fire Chief /EMT heard the call come in and was a short distance away. “The device was mine personally, but I took it with me on the choking call to a 3-year-old female. We are a volunteer department, and sometimes our EMTs may respond in their personal vehicles depending on the location on the call.”

Upon arrival, choking rescue protocol was attempted but was unsuccessful. The child was laid down and on the 1st attempt, the LifeVac successfully dislodged the candy saving the child’s life.

LifeVac’s non-invasive, translucent airway clearance device, with a patented one way valve.

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