Family Saves 2-Year-Old Child – #160

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15 August 2021
Mom Saves Her Son from Choking Using LifeVac – #161
22 August 2021

Family Saves 2-Year-Old Child – #160

LifeVac is delighted to share news of its 160th life saved.

Here is the testimonial from our Canadian office:

We are excited to announce that LifeVac was used to save a 2-year-old child in Prince Edward Island on July 14th!!! The little girl was choking on a piece of a granola bar, back slaps were first attempted but it did not clear the blockage. So thankful this Family had LifeVac in their home as a backup option!

LifeVac’s non-invasive, translucent airway clearance device, with a patented one way valve.

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