LifeVac Saves It’s First Child!!

2ND Life Saved in Greece!!
11 January 2019
EKAB Ambulance Service equip LifeVac.
15 February 2019

LifeVac has saved 23 lives from choking to death when standard BLS protocol has failed. These lives have been in the age rage of 15 years old all the way up to 91 years old. This is due to LifeVac being predominantly in the care sector. But today marked a new mile stone for LifeVac as we saved our first child.

A 3 year old girl with Down Syndrome was eating a hotdog in an IKEA cafeteria with his mother and father. The little girl began to choke, BLS protocol was carried out which failed. The little girl could not breath, speak or cough, the security team acted swiftly retrieving LifeVac from the wall mounted box. On the first application LifeVac dislodged pieces of sausage and bread saving the 3 year old girl's life.

“We are thankful for this medical device miracle” – Group Safety & Security Manager

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