5th Life Saved in Greece!!

Ε.Ψ.Υ.Κ.Α (Society for Mental Health & Social Rehabilitation of Patients)
24 September 2019
Therme Bucuresti Now Equiped With LifeVac
30 December 2019
On 30/12/2019 Greek EMS responded to a choking incident in Thessaloniki, Greece. The patient, a 90 year old woman with alzheimer, was eating a burger which led to a full blockage of the airway.

The BLS protocol was used, unsuccessfully, by her daughter and by the time EMS arived they found the unconscious cyanotic woman with low oxygen saturation.
The device was used 3 or 4 times and a piece of burger was extracted and the woman regained consciousness.
At the hospital she again began to drop oxygen saturation, the device was re-used and extracted more pieces and the woman was stabilized again. Then the doctors came and took out the remaining pieces.

We would like to congratulate the Greek EMS and especially the ambulance crew for their immediate response and the correct and effective use of the device, which resulted in the rescue of a fellow human being!! #EMD, #LIfeVacSouthEastEurope

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