LifeVac Saves Teenager from Choking – 139th Life Saved

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23 May 2021
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9 June 2021

LifeVac Saves Teenager from Choking – 139th Life Saved

LifeVac proudly announces its 139th life saved. An adolescent boy started choking on a piece of chicken causing him to gasp for air as his lips started to turn blue. Thankfully his father a first responder knew exactly what to do, however, the Heimlich maneuver was unsuccessful.

He quickly grabbed the LifeVac and on the second application dislodged the obstruction saving his son’s life.

Testimonial from child’s father:

“You recently made a donation to our volunteer Emergency Management Agency. I and we can not thank you enough. As life would have it, I had to use Life Vac on my own son. He was choking on a piece of meat and I could not get it out with the Heimlich procedure. I ran for the LifeVac. After two attempts the piece of meat popped out and he could breathe again.

I never thought I would need it for my own child. Thank you so much for all you do! I wanted you to know that your generosity caring and kindness saved a life this weekend, and not just any life but my own son.”

LifeVac’s non-invasive, translucent airway clearance device, with a patented one way valve.

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